“Who is this man they Call Jesus Christ”

Old Testament Says….

  • In Genesis He is the seed of the woman
  • In Exodus He is the Passover Lamb
  • In Leviticus He is our High Priest
  • In Numbers He in the Pillar of cloud by day and fire by night
  • In Deuteronomy He is the Prophet like unto Moses
  • In Joshua He is the Captain of our Salvation
  • In Judges He is our Judge and Lawgiver
  • In Ruth He is our Kinsman-Redeemer
  • In Samuel He is our Trusted Prophet
  • In Kings & Chronicles He is our Reigning King
  • In Ezra He is our Faithful Scribe

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Top 10 Web Writing Tips

In order to write web articles that draw reader’s attention, learn that “Online readers like numbers and good authentic writing”. Headlines that include numbers tend to draw readers attention to your website like “Top10 Mother’s Day Gifts.” While the authentic writing is what keeps readers. Take a look at these Top 10 Web Writing Tips that will improve your web writing.

Tip 1. Understand Your Target Audience

The best way to write good content is to profile and understand your target audience. This allows you to write appropriate and relevant material for your audience.

Tip 2. Write Keyword Rich Headings and Titles

A clearly defined target audience will help you determine keywords that appeal to your readers. Use the most valuable in your headings and first paragraphs and include the keywords in the body of the article to enhance the article rankings in search engines.

Tip 3. Write SEO Smart Copy  

Search engines are a smart and easy way to bring traffic to your website. Boost the chances of your writing ranking high in relevant searches by writing Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copy.

Tip 4. Write Easy to Scan Copy

Make your work easy to scan through, get to the point quickly and try to keep one idea to a paragraph.

Tip 5. Use Bullet Points and Number Lists

Bullet points make it easier to scan through copy while numbered lists are a good way to highlight important points. Mixing the two may work on some sites better than others so try it out.

Tip 6. Good Grammar, Spelling and Legible copy

There is no substitute for legible copy with good grammar, correct spellings and punctuation, so write good copy. Remember to define acronyms and local language e.g. “turn left at the robots (traffic lights)”

Tip 7. Link Your Text

Consider linking back to previous articles on the same website or to your home or guest website. This is a great way to increase traffic to your website or to the page with the linked article.

Tip. 8 Think through your Design Elements

Red text on a black background can be a great design but not ideal for readers, while a film strip of pictures that won’t rewind may turn away site visitors. Try to find a design, web-user balance.

Tip 9. Content Counts

The tips above help draw readers to your copy, don’t disappoint them instead deliver good authentic valuable content and keep them reading.

Tip 10. Less is More

When it comes down to it, online reading is not suitable for reading lengthy copy. More readers are accessing the web via mobile devices that have smaller screens than computers hence less is more.

How I Learnt the Art of Web Writing

In March 2012, I enrolled on a course with the SA Writers College to learn Writing for the Web skills. At the time the only writing skills I had, were from Public Relations (PR) modules taken in university and a few copy writing assignments at work. I was a real web-writing newbie until I met the cool new stuff girl.

Basic Web Rules to Play By

In a ten-part series I learnt the basic rules of web writing, the very first eye opener being on copy  formatting rules, how online readers scan through web copy rather than read as they do with print. Hence in order to write easy to scan copy, I developed a relationship with bullets, numbered lists and shorter paragraphs. My next challenge was to write good headings/subheadings that captured reader’s attention and played nice with the mighty Google. Thankfully the course took a tour on Google’s link to keywords, AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that left me plugged into several techy blogs and newsletters to keep me learning. To this day I learn new things on SEO as I sharpen my keyword rich copy.

Let the Writing Begin

With the foundation set, the most exciting module would have to be the one on “how to set up a free WordPress blog and Facebook page. In a step by step tour of WordPress I created my personal blog and Facebook Fan Page and had a chance to apply all the web writing skills I had learnt in my first blog post. From then on the road was a smooth slide filled with keyword rich good web copywriting.

And then some business writing

Thankfully the course had some great business lessons on web copywriting going into detail on how to write effective Google adverts. I also learnt tips on writing good, target audience specific website copy to the finer details of repurposed website copy and good display techniques”. The later modules served as a great tool with my business day-to-day writing by equipping me on how to write online media releases and newsletters. The best part of the section was the online CV and Cover Letter advice on creative tips to apply good writing to get a writing job.

It does not have to End

As I approached the last two modules, I was excited at what I had learnt but certain I did not want it to end. Thankfully the ethekwini girl knew better than to leave her new writer alone and introduced me to Protagonize and Fan Fiction two worlds that writers can hang out  together. Thanks to Twitter I can stay in touch with @collnewstuff and keep an eye on the latest writing tips to keep up to date with these web writing tips.

Nothing less than Gold for Am”

Just found out my little almost 3yr 11month old niece, while watching Olympic swimming finals last night decided in her little mind she is going for a Gold Medal at 19years.  Can you imagine what she will be thinking at 10, 20 or 30years. Now that’s what I call an unstoppable creative mind.

What are you feeding your mind and teaching your children?

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Let No Man Define You

I have learnt to live my life outside the box because, when I die that is where I am going to! Often times in life, you will find people who try to tell you what you can and can’t do. They may even try to  tell you who you are and are not. My advise is this, Do Not Let Anybody Define You!

Take Heed

No matter what anyone says to you, Live Your Life!! Do not be foolish and ignore wisdom or Godly council, but do not let man detect the terms of how your life will pan out. Instead, follow that still small voice within you. That is GOD’s Holy Spirit and if you sit still long enough, you will hear it and it never says give up! Learn how to silence all other voices pushing you to do anything but the best. Make time to steer clear of the noise and pressures of life, and in that  quiet moment , you will hear what God has to say about your life.  This is not any easy thing to do in the busy lives we lead, but its necessary for you to accomplish what you are destined to do.

Go For It

This life is yours and you need to make your decisions based on the path you decide to take. God will guide and as you listen to the voice, those clues and directions will become clearer each day. Let no man define you or restrict you, because if you allow them , then be sure of this, they will never set you up for success and if they do it will never be to exceed what they have done.

Live the life you want to live, go for the challenges you need to take , take the risks and do everything you can. If you settle for anything less, then are you really living?? Life is so short… Live it to the fullest!!

Matthew 16:15-16

Verse :15-16

…“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”..  


In this verse Simon Peter recognises Jesus Christ as the Messiah and the Son of God and as such approaches and treats  Jesus as the saviour of the world, the holy son of God. There are many lessons to learn from this, but one I would like to draw you to that applies in our lives today.

The way you perceive people determines the relationship you build with them. If you see someone as a regular, ordinary person, you probably will not expect much from them. Things change when you look at someone with respect and reverence and often you benefit more from such relationships.



As you begin a new week, reflect on the relationships in your life and see how each unique relationship can develop and glorify God. Strengthen the good ones and work on those that need work. After all Jesus did say…“who do you say I am”…